Week 4: Teams and Teamwork

Week 4 Readings:

Pre and Prep for Week 5

 For your Cross-Cultural Leadership Journal … what role did you play in the Teams and Teamwork activity? Take a minute look at your “interpretation of the decision-making process” and consider how it reflected the group composite …. Were you at the “same activity” … how does this information complement your data from the LSI-Self/Other; Competing Values; and, Situational Leadership data?

Are you beginning to think about the four steps “Skills Development” that you will need for the Personal Profile?

1.  Salience: What features do I see as important?

Causality: How do I make sense of what I see?

Architecture: What tasks will I do in what order?

Resolution: How will I know when I am done?

Please complete the Organizational Culture Inventory.

(As your frame of reference use your current job and organization.)


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