Week 1: Setting the Stage

Week 1 Readings:

Perspectives on Behavioural Leadership.pdf Perspectives on Behavioural Leadership.pdf
Size : 166.994 Kb
Type : pdf
The Skill of Leadership.pdf The Skill of Leadership.pdf
Size : 86.454 Kb
Type : pdf
Level of Conceptualization for Leadership.pdf Level of Conceptualization for Leadership.pdf
Size : 73.106 Kb
Type : pdf
The Nature of Leadership.pdf The Nature of Leadership.pdf
Size : 67.659 Kb
Type : pdf

 Pre and Prep Activities for Week 2

Take time to complete the Competing Values Self Assessment and graph the results. You now have your input regarding the “what” piece of the leadership process. How do these complement each other?

Reflection: You now have the information about your self-description of your thinking styles, how you approach and deal with situations, from your point of view (this is the “how” piece of the leadership process. Take a moment to consider those strengths and challenges as you‘ve outlined them. From the Skill development component you should “apply” the information to a recent situation from your workplace; you should “analyze” the model material to see if there is any transference. Finally you should “evaluate” these findings in as objective a fashion as you can.

As the course progresses I recommend that you keep a journal of your learning’s, observations and reflections. This is not a journal to highlight the “negative” findings but to provide you with some insights you didn’t have before you began this journey.

Please complete the Situational Leadership: Questionnaire for the next class
(In Binder)

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